We, Krishan Chander & Co .,firmly believe that the Religion, whichever is being followed ,revolves around the very fact that there is a Divine Power; critics and atheists may though hold a different and contrary view. The earliest recorded evidence of Religion activity dated from 60000 B.C. Almost all the Religions practice that there are special places for Congregation;be it Masjid, Mandir, Gurudwaras, Churches…these are Temples for Worship ,where Worshippers gather to encourage one another and be encouraged to Lead Upright and Pious Lives, according to God’s Moral Laws.

Christianity ,the religion based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ believes that He created the Universe and continues to care for It. The Doctrine of Trinity—The Father, The Child and The Holy Spirit is central to the Teachings.

We are neither Catholics , Protestants or Eastern Orthodox; nor are we Rationalists or Pietists; but we are a closely held Private Company ,trying to find a niche for itself in the domain of Christian Posters, Scrolls, Hangings ,Greeting Cards etc so that the Temples of Worships can be adorned by such holy teachings. Whether it is “Feliz Navidad ”or “God Jul” or ,”Joyeux Noel”or ,”Buon Nataleor ”,”Boas Festas”or “Zalig Kerstfeest”or ;Meri Kurisumasu’; to us it only means” MERRY CHRISTMAS”

An institution in himself ,Late Shri Krishan Chander ,who started this company Two Decades ago ,and whose name is etched deeply in our mind ,heart and memories, has been a guiding force for us ,to take this Business in Paper forward. Probably bring predominantly in Paper Related field ,since our inception, we took time to take the help of Electronic Space and create this Web Site, later than many ; but we assure our esteemed customers, clients and well wishers that we shall be taking to this as Fish to Water, with an almost certainty that we shall not be found lacking in this effort, as we believe in the adage that “Mohabbat ke Imtihaan abhi aur bhi hain”.

Whilst we aim to fulfill the demands of all our worthy stakeholders ,to its fullest ;lest any body feels otherwise, please do feel free to contact us at our E Mail id:- jitendra@krishanchanderco.com or call us at +91 011-32924122 / +91 9810360403, 9971070927 Believe you us ,that we shall be only a phone call away


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